Evelyne Datl  - Registered Practitioner


“I have been pain free since I saw you yesterday!!!! and slept and woke without pain... you are truly incredible... thank you so much... deeply... thank you.”

       -  S.

“…Working with you has been some of the most profound and respectful bodywork I've ever experienced.”

        -  A.

“ Evelyne is very intuitive, and has a wonderful way of working with mental and emotional well-being. I started to see Evelyne after a chronic and serious shoulder injury and subsequent surgery which left me with apprehension and frequent panic attacks. After working with Evelyne each week, I was able to continue with my life instead of focusing on pain and apprehension, and after a few months my level of anxiety has dissappeared

        -  S.

“I have limped painfully into Evelyne’s treatment room and walked out 15 minutes later completely pain-free.”

        -  O.

“I have been skating 5 times

want a testimonial”? -  J

“The numbness and tingling in my hand is completely gone. I slept like a baby. Thankyou!!”

         -  N